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Established in 1983 The Prairie Journal is a literary magazine which has distribution through the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association, the Canadian Magazine Publishers Association, as well as to direct mail subscribers across Canada and in the United States. Its readers are writers, teachers, librarians and other professionals.

1000 copies are printed annually. Each issue has a quality cover with art from international artists, about 50 to 60 pages, staple-stitched. The contents are environmentally friendly, although readers tend to retain their copies.

Advertising Rates


These rates are for camera-ready, black and white copy. There is an additional fee for typesetting and design. Prepayment is preferred, unless advertisement is to run without modification in two or more consecutive issues. Proofs are available as time permits. Liability for error is restricted to free insertion of corrected copy. Any questions? Contact a sales rep at address above or supply your fax number for speedier service.